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How To Shade Your Conservatory From The Sun

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It’s no secret that conservatories can get incredibly hot in the height of summer. Not only are they stuffy, uncomfortable and unbearably warm, the sun’s rays can also be damaging to your furniture. Thankfully, there are simple and attractive solutions which can help to make your conservatory a more pleasant place to be in, all year round. We’re going to explain the benefits of conservatory blinds for this purpose below.

The Importance Of Shade

Shade creates a barrier between harmful UV rays and your home. Without some sort of protection, the harsh glare of sunlight can cause furniture and even flooring to fade over time. To reduce the impact of the sun, conservatory blinds are a great and very versatile solution. You can choose when to let the sun in, and when to keep it out.

A Sun Shading Solution

Conservatory blinds are an excellent method of keeping the sun out. They act as a shield, and can be made with special thermal properties to minimise the transfer of heat. This means that your conservatory shouldn’t get unbearably hot in the summer, and won’t lose too much heat in the winter. Better thermal insulation means you’ll spend less money on heating and cooling your home, so your blinds could contribute to lower energy bills.

Roof & Window Conservatory Blinds

Conservatories are glazed buildings, so it won’t just be the walls that need blinds fitted. You will also need to seek out conservatory roof blinds to ensure you’ve got maximum thermal insulation and UV protection. Roof blinds are intricate and often difficult to manufacture, so it’s important to choose a specialist company like Chic Blinds to create and fit yours.

For Conservatory Blinds, Choose Chic Blinds

We are specialists who can create blinds which fit perfectly to your conservatory walls and roof. Contact our team today to learn more about what we can do and get your free home selection service.


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