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How To Clean Roller Blinds

How To Clean Roller Blinds

When it comes to cleaning your roller blinds, it’s important you know exactly what you’re doing to avoid causing damage. Read our helpful guide to find out how to care for your blinds to keep them pristine and in top condition.

Fully Extend Your Roller Blinds

Rather than cleaning section by section, start by extending your roller blinds until they are fully unrolled. This way, you will be able to see the entire blind and decide how thorough a clean they are in need of. Extending the blinds also means each area will be cleaned evenly.

Remove Dust

There’s no use washing roller blinds which are covered in dust. This is because the debris will just be moved around the fabric, which can lead to staining. So, make sure to go over them with a lint roller before you begin treating them with products or water. If you prefer, you can vacuum your roller blinds, but it is sensible to remove them from the wall first.

Consider The Material

Find out what fabric your blinds are made from before getting your hands on any cleaning products. In doing so, you will protect your blinds from any substances that are inappropriate for the fabric. If you use the wrong products, you can discolour, warp or even tear the material.

The most common materials for roller blinds are vinyl, polyester and cotton. If you aren’t sure what yours are made out of, contact the company that you bought the blinds from. If they were installed a long time ago or before you moved in, it’s best to clean them with warm, soapy water.

Wipe Over Your Roller Blinds

Whether you’re using a branded product or sticking with warm water and washing up liquid, be mindful with your cleaning. Scrubbing too hard can create unsightly pilling, so try to be gentle. You should also ensure you thoroughly wring out your cloth to avoid saturating the blinds. Don’t forget to re-dip regularly to ensure you aren’t just spreading dirt around. Once you’re finished, leave your blinds fully extended until they are dry. Your blinds will be sparkling!

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