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Conservatory blinds
Keep Your Conservatory Cool in the Summer & Warm in the Winter

Conservatory Blinds

Many conservatories encounter problems with glare, and it can be difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature within your space. Installing blinds in your conservatory can help to reduce these issues, allowing you to make the most of your room. By fitting conservatory blinds, you get to enjoy your home without compromising on your uniquely bright and airy space. With that in mind, contact our team today to discuss how best to utilise your space.

conservatory blinds

Roof & Window Conservatory Blinds

Pleated conservatory roof blind manufacturing and installation is a specialised field that calls for a high degree of expertise. Because of this, many blind companies do not stock conservatory roof coverings. Here at Chic Blinds, we have almost 30 years of expertise as a leading maker of conservatory blinds, meaning we can provide you with these stunning home improvements with quality workmanship and a high-standard finish.

Benefits & Features

  • Stop furniture from fading
  • Minimise glare
  • Retain heat during colder months
  • Cool and comfortable airflow in warmer months
  • Made with fabrics designed specifically for solar control

Specially Formulated Solar Control Fabrics

Chic Blinds have been helping to resolve issues with conservatory heat management for 30 years. We specialise in the making of solar control roof blinds in South and West Wales. Your conservatory will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter thanks to the carefully formulated solar control coating on our pleated roof blinds, which have been exclusively designed for this purpose.

International Perfect Fit Roof Systems

The “International Perfect Fit Roof Systems” refers to the process at our facility where blinds are made and put into their own frames. Unlike alternative techniques, unique attachment clips are used to fit the whole blind and frame to the roof without the need for drilling. This produces an incredibly stylish and seamless finish. A less expensive version of this traditional technique is also available. This would involve fastening the blinds directly into the roof’s bars. An experienced member of our team will be able to advise you on the best solution for your space and budget.

conservatory blinds

Get In Touch For Conservatory Blinds Design & Fitting

To find out more, why use of our free home selection service? Our designers will cover all of the options and then give you a free quotation without obligation. Contact the team today.

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