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allusion blinds in dining room
Unique Window Dressing

Allusion Blinds

Allusion blinds provide you with the ultimate solution when looking to provide shade, flexibility, and privacy in your room. This is because of the diverse range of settings you have available when using this model. This design intelligently combines the delicacy of voile fabric alongside the versatility of rotating vertical louvres. Allusion blinds create a calming and attractive look, they are suitable for both the home as well as professional settings that require a relaxed setting. All our allusion blinds have wand control, and can be up to 5 meters in width.

Every single blind we have in our range here at Chic Blinds is child safe. If you would like to see our blinds in person then please visit our showroom.

Allusion blinds in dining area

Why We Recommend Allusion Blinds

Allusion blinds create a great look and have many functions:

  • By sliding the soft fabric vanes to one side you will be able to appreciate the clear view outside.
  • When placing the vanes in the open position you receive subtle light diffusion with a view.
  • If you rotate the vanes to the closed position you will get total privacy for night time.

Allusion blinds can be a difficult concept to visualise. Please visit our showroom in Gorseinon Swansea, where our allusion blinds are on display.

Privacy Blinds

As seen above these blinds allow you the option to fully close them for total privacy. This is an important feature, from bedrooms to living rooms, and any other space you regularly occupy, privacy is important for both a feeling of comfort and security. The accuracy with which these blinds are made ensures that any gaps are completely closed in the structure, meaning no light gets in, and no viewing from the outside is possible. This is further backed by the quality materials we use. 

white blinds and blue walls

Contact Us For Allusion Blind Collection

Here at Chic Blinds, we offer a large selection of these window coverings. Our showroom has a large display available for you to browse through. This will give you the opportunity to see how they look and function in every operation, so you get a first-hand look at the colours and styles. Come and visit our friendly staff in our showroom.

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